What I learned from you

My background is as a mathematician and a software engineer. When I was 21 I started a software company with one of my friends, and we made tools for the financial services industry. After 9 years we got bought out by a big company and at that time I focused on my interests and hobbies, one of which was Japanese swords.

When I started my website, it was only as a place to sell from my own collection as my interests changed and grew. This brought up new challenges, like learning the magic of how the Japanese photographers captured blades in such beautiful and elegant ways. It took years to figure out the tricks and making the photography better is a daily task. Becoming a more advanced student meant studying better blades and as my site got better swords and better photography people started asking me to sell their swords for them so I started taking consignments. So, basically you pushed me into becoming a dealer.

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That’s a phrase many travelers have heard from many street hucksters in all corners of the planet. If you go along with that, the special deal is probably highly profitable for the guy offering it.

The trick that these guys pull off has to do with influencing perceptions. A good salesman will tell you that perception is reality. People want to have this perception of a bargain because it makes them feel good about their purchase, and it validates positive opinions they want to have about themselves. That is, that they are smart, perceptive, and able to influence people.

However, if everyone is always out there, getting the bargains, and beating the market, then nobody is. Markets tend to be efficient and if you are only motivated by chasing bargains, then you will probably be negatively impacted by this unless your knowledge level is extremely high because you can end up being lead around by your perceptions rather than facts.


Hozon is a test, Juyo is a competition

The NBTHK in Tokyo is the main organization for authenticating Japanese swords. They currently issue papers at four levels, from lowest to highest level, these are: Hozon, Tokubetsu Hozon, Juyo, and Tokubetsu Juyo.

There is not much difference between the first and second papers, but there is a big leap to the third and fourth level papers.

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Would you ask a Ford dealer if you should buy a Mercedes?

If you passed by your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer and asked a salesman for his opinion… you wanted some good honest advice if you should buy that Mercedes you had your eye on… what do you think he would say?

I think everyone will understand that his job is to sell you on Ford, so he’s going to give you 10 reasons to not buy a Mercedes and 10 reasons to walk out of that dealership in a new Ford.

Be careful who you ask for advice because there is a lot of that going around.

Also, if you do the equivalent of pull up to the Ford dealer in your brand new Mercedes and ask the salesman what he thinks, don’t be surprised at his answer.

Attribution is Everything, and when it’s not it almost is

Q: What is the difference between an inferior work of Norishige and a masterpiece of the Uda school?

A: Norishige has a reputation as a great master, one of the best. Uda has a reputation as a second or third tier school. Even the best work of a third tier school will not compare to the worst work of a grand master. And even if it does, the top makers will gain attributions of master works and the lesser works will be attributed to lesser makers. Quality is the first step of attribution.

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It’s gotten to this, yes, a blog. I’ve been wanting a place to deposit some of my ramblings, where lessons I’ve learned or conclusions I’ve come to can end up in one place. Here, I hope to help people or at least guide them and maybe can teach people to avoid common mistakes or pitfalls that I myself fell into when I started out in this hobby. So from time to time, I’ll deposit something new here and we’ll see if this ends up being of use to people.