Innovations in exhibitions

If you have not heard the name yet, Dr. Kiyoshi Sawaguchi is a formidable collector in Japan with an outstanding collection that comprises well over 10,000 items, placing him in the first rank. Of these a large number are ranked Juyo Token and higher, all the way through Kokuho.

He has been making parts of his collection available on an ongoing basis through various exhibitions that are staged throughout Japan. Ryuta Murakami has designed some very interesting new appliances for exhibiting swords that you will I think be relieved to see.

One of the common complaints we have about seeing swords “through glass” is that the lighting is bad, and the angles don’t let us see the highlights of the hamon of a great sword. And of course people who don’t know anything about swords can’t get a real appreciation when viewing them in standard museum exhibits. What’s more, they are not even aware that they are not getting a proper view of a sword.

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Ichijo and precision

Goto Ichijo is a well known giant in the field of tosogu. Recently one of my clients purchased a kozuka of what appears to be simple design, but under magnification all kinds of brilliant details come out. When you magnify weaker work it looks sloppy and melted. When you magnify Ichijo’s work it reveals more things to enjoy.

Rather than focus on the artwork on the front, what I would like to have a closer look at, is his signature and the treatment of the back of this kozuka.

(Note, ironically I had a measurement error in this post previously, I’ve updated the post with corrected measurements.)

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